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The cat likes to play tricks on the rat, and it chases the bat.

The cat likes to wear a hat,

and sleep on the mat.

The cat hates to be fat,

it wants its tummy flat.

We pat the cat,

and it likes that!

Dear Mom,


        I have a lot of favourite teachers, but you are my greatest teacher. Without you I will not be who I am now. When I don’t know how to do my homework, you always help me even if you don’t know, you still find out the answers quickly online.


        You are a dictionary, telling me the meanings and spelling of words. You are a thesaurus, giving me examples and new ideas. You are just like a professional teacher, not giving me the answers but the method of how to solve the problems. You are patient and you encourage me to be better next time. You never yell at me when I get low scores and you teach me slowly until I understand. You teach me how to be a friendly person, to be nice and kind to others, and to respect teachers and people who help you. You teach me to be a better person.


        Now, my homework is much easier for me, my scores are higher than before and my confidence grows. I never feel bad anymore. I am not afraid of my scores, neither nervous in my tests. I am brave enough to face problems on my own now.


        Thank you for teaching me and making learning fun. You teach me a lot of things different from school and you made me realise that you are not only my greatest teacher, but the best mom I’ve ever had!




Adventure at McDonald’s


We looked at each other and found out we had turned from yellow French fries to brown! We have no idea where we were but we knew that we weren’t at McDonald’s anymore. What an adventure!


It all started in the early morning at the McDonald’s restaurant…


My friends and I were born to be eaten by humans. I remembered seeing the worker approaching us in the deep fryer. We tried to escape but still ended up in the mouth of this man. We didn’t know where we were going, but we hoped it would be a good place. We slid down a long tunnel. The tunnel seemed not to have an exit! Maybe, it was the oesophagus that leads to the stomach, but we had no idea. Finally, we stopped sliding. We saw a hole and squeezed through it, in front of us was a pair of spongy air-filled things located on our left and right. We could see they were covered by thin tissue layer and they expanded and contracted smoothly. I guessed they must be important.


We continued our journey to the way out and saw something red pumping. Lup-dup, lup-dup, lup-dup. It never stopped. It was huge, a lot bigger than us. I was really afraid. The pumping sound was so unique. I had never heard of this weird sound before.


We kept on going down to a place that almost killed us! Half of my friends had lost their hands, legs, even parts of their torsos after touching a burning liquid. We hurried down to a twisting tunnel that was long and dark. It was like a black hole, sucking us in. We didn’t care anymore, we just wanted to get out of this human body as intact as possible.


Finally we went out of the tunnel and saw light! We all cheered and clapped. We were out of that human body! However, we had come to a place that wasn’t McDonald’s. We were surrounded by water and there was a hole underneath us. We also noticed that we had turned from yellow to brown! Where could we be? Then I heard a sound. FLUSHHHHH…. We were spinning, spinning and spinning into a wonderland!

A day of a flying squirrel


“Go! Go! Go! There’s no time to wait, it’s almost winter! Now the sun is down, we have to go out!” I woke all my buddies up and got out of my small and squishy tree hole. I started gliding from trees to tress to see if there was anything I could find. After several moments of searching, I finally found some birds eggs using my spectacular eyesight. I glided as fast as a leopard towards the bird nest. I took a little peek and I saw small white eggs. I griped them, ran down the tree. I dug as quietly as a mouse and carefully hid them under the soil immediately under the ground so no one could find them! I also gave the spot a mark so I could know where I buried them later when I would be hungry.


Then I went back to my warm and cozy tree hole to wake my babies up. My babies finally woke up. I asked them to stand in front of me in a line. I taught them to stretch the membrane between wrists and ankles to glide from one tree to another. After teaching them, I pushed each of them down and saw if they had listened to me. Most of them knew what to do but one. He was too fat so he fell down the ground with a loud thud. The loud thud attracted the raccoons! There was one coming!

I glided quickly down and helped him to stand on his feet. We climbed up to our home and shut the door shakily. Few moments later, the raccoon arrived. It was smelling us but we hid in our home so it could do nothing but left. I told my baby that he would not eat anymore until he could glide.


I sent the other babies out to find food by themselves and I glided back to the place where I buried the bird eggs to have dinner. The bird eggs were delicious. I could keep some for the harsh winter that was coming. I was glad the mother bird didn’t see me eating her eggs or I would be in big trouble! Finally I went back home and saw my babies. They told me what they had eaten for dinner. Some ate slugs, snails, other ate nuts, tree bark or flowers. We all had a wonderful dinner and we went back to sleep before the sun rose.

What a day!


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